Our current research comprises four main themes with multiple projects linked to these:



Work in this research theme is concerned with reduced energy consumption, behavioural change and socio-technical transitions towards low-carbon, energy efficient transport systems.

Politics, Power and Governance


Work in this research theme is concerned with planning, policy and governance with regard to transport.



People's movements through time and space and the social consequences of their mobility and immobility is a key feature of this research theme.

Health and Wellbeing


The contribution of active travel to public health and sustainable urban development, and the relationships between transport and wellbeing are key concerns within this theme.

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Short-course Programme


We run Oxford University's innovative short-course programme Global Challenges in Transport that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in sustainable transport. Sessions are led by distinguished experts and use a combination of lectures, discussions and practical workshops for early career and senior professionals.

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Graduate Research


The TSU hosts a number of postgraduate doctoral students who are working with our academic staff and researchers on a diverse set of projects linked to our research themes.

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